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  Things to have for your NEW  puppy
dry puppy food 
wet puppy food
Exercise pen, 36 x 48 in size (Plastic or metal.) 
Small Crate
chewies (pigs ears) Nyla bones
Carrier for car if you plan on taking him out alot
Stainless Steel Bowls or Ceramic
I will send you home with a starter kit and all
instructions.,health records,AKC papers
And of course your baby will be designer dressed! 
                  PUPPY FEEDING
Puppies need to be monitored closely the first
few days in their new home to make sure they are
eating and drinking properly.
If your puppy stops eating or is just nibbling, you
need to be prepared to prevent hypoglycemia.
Having some baby food on hand (Gerber strained meat, 
chicken, veal or lamb), is something most all puppies will 
eat. If they won't eat the baby food, we suggest you get 
some Nutri-Cal (which can be purchased at your local pet 
store or at your vet's office) this is very helpful.
Follow the directions on the tube, we also
recommend you call your veterinarian.
Feed your puppy quality food made for puppies and not 
adult dog food.  Puppy food is made to keep your puppy 
happy and healthy. It will also keep your puppy looking 
good, maintaining the health of their coat and teeth.
We also suggest you don't change your puppy food or 
eating habits started by your breeder, during the first few 
weeks. Any changes made should be done over a gradual 
amount of time to prevent diarrhea and a upset digestive 
system. Your breeder should give you directions
as to how this process needs to be done.
Here at SoHo we  take great pride in what we do. We take special  care of all our dogs.  We totally give 110% to all our dogs and pups. we start each morning giving each and every expecting   mom a warm nutrious breakfast .My hubby takes  extra care for moms, he  cooks for all!  All our dogs are fed a healthy dog food, but lets face it, nuggets everyday? NO, we dont go that route, what kind of breeders would we be? we totally beleive in giving healthy nutritous meals all week long. I always like to mix up  special  treats for them during the week,they   get  yogurts, cottage cheese for strong bones, We cook up fresh chicken and brown rice, and they all love peanut butter. We have now added Flax seed meal & Cottage cheese to our dogs diet 3 x a week...Excellent source for healthy bones and cells.... They enjoy fresh carrots. for chewies. I love giving them wholesome snacks,I do not beleive in store bought snacks. I  wont give it to my dogs or pups.They will also have shredded wheat for snacks, a wonderful colon cleanser for them. All of the moms are put on a high protein  diet ,I serve them fish, salmon,tuna  vegtables, and they do get scrambled eggs with cheese in the A.M. this is all routine here.I spend alot of money on them,but I   feel they deserve it, they are like my kids, I only want them to have the very best!  . they know what they like!!  Hey mom lets not forget our Pizza!!!!!
 Lets  talk papers. all puppies should have papers whether the pup is AKC ACA ETC kind of like a birth certificate, know what I mean? everyone wants to know the heritage on their  pups.I do not allow alot of people in my home at one time,,,, all puppy  showings are done by appt only! I DO NOT beleive in having alot of people in at once handling puppies..Its dangerous and it can make the puppies to nervous.I mean would you want someone handling and tossing your baby from person to person.? And further more I like to give each and everyone of you 1 on 1   attention. so you can get all your questions you may have answered. please feel free to call me if you have any questions. I am happy to help you, I love these dogs and puppies and I want YOU that special person, to hopefully own one of our SPECIAL puppies!!!!!! 

¨¨ Color cannot be guaranteed. A Shih Tzu's coat color can lighten or darken with age. We make the best judgment call we can make by the puppies coat.
Size can not be guaranteed. I make my best judgement call and give you a guesstimate according to weight of puppy at birth and puppies backround history.
If a Breeder tells you a puppy is going to be 6 pounds for example because the mom and dad are small. That is not true,The breeder must know the backround on the mom and dad to come to a decision on the adult weight of a puppy. 

Black Minxs
Luscious Livers
Coffee Chocolates
Red chocolates

                           STEPS TO SUCCESS

Wherever the new puppy first goes on the floor, that's where you place the Puppy Pad. 
Every day, you move the pad a little bit closer towards the door...and every time the 
puppy uses the Pad, tell him what a GOOD DOG he is, with gentle petting and a sweet 
Soon the Puppy Pad will be located by the door. So now, when the puppy goes towards 
the door, you know, he needs to go. Open the door, drag the pad outside, let puppy go, on 
pad, or on ground. Tell him how GOOD he is, whether he goes on the pad, or on the 
Put a rock on the pad, and leave it outside the door, put down a clean pad inside the 
door...next time puppy goes towards the door (needs to go..)...open the door and let him 
choose, inside pad, outside pad, or ground.
Soon he will get the idea, and the outside pad can be removed, the inside pad can be put 
down when you cannot watch him going to the door (when he is alone at home)....


If you are going to become a toy dog owner,you will want to familiarize yourself to the symptoms of Hypoglycemia.It is often seen in young toy puppies and most of the time , the sypmtoms can be controlled by eating and drinking, or giving some glucose such as honey to pup. Glucose is used as fuel for brain tissue and muscle to function.Hypoglycemia is when the blood sugar levels fall below normal.
Puppy may become confused,disoriented,drowsy, shivers,stagger,collapse,coma or seizures.
An episode can occur quickly
Causes can be stress to a new home
missed meals
Being chilled or even exhaustion from to much playing. Because of their tiny size,puppies can not eat alot at one time and literally run out of fuel quickly, Puppies should be fed several times a day  and watched carefully for a few days
always moniter your puppy closely to make sure they are eating also if puppy has runny stool YOU DO NOT LET IT GO FOR ONE DAY CALL ME!!!!!!!!!tiny puppies can go down overnight!
If this should occur, CALL ME ASAP


staggering gait

If puppy is concious give him/her a little white karo syrup  rub on gums.
Nutra-cal  also works well.
Puppy should improve in about 10 minutes
if not call me or your vet


This is not a disease, or Genetic or an illness
This is HIGHLY  treatable,
Monitoring a new pup the first few days is  EXTREMELY important!

Please be sure you want a pup before venturing out and getting one.Know your responsibilities on owning a puppy.
I work hard to deliver beautiful happy healthy babies to you, Please follow my rules & instructions.
And you will have the best little furry friend for life.
Take A SoHo Puppy Home Today!!!

We Do Not Cage or crate any of our dogs! Shipping is rarely done, But if need be, we will have the complete welfare of the puppy in Mind!
We have a high quality in home breeding program, Specializing in a select few, top quality, small Standard and "Imperial" Shih Tzu's with perfect little baby doll faces compact bodies and rare colors. All my babies come from top of the line parents! I have become committed to provide a quality breeding program that offers only top of the line Shih Tzu's (and always AKC registered). I found no fault in this loving, obedient, sturdy, compassionate and faithful breed . It has taken me some time, but I feel I am finally ready! this is not something to be taken lightly and I want to make sure that If you buy your life long baby from me, that you know you are buying from a responsible, reputable breeder that only breeds for perfection. Nothing is perfect, but as long as you continually strive for it, you can not go wrong. Every dog I breed will be a part of my family and treated as such. Thank you for sharing the love of these sweet babies with me! 

Exhibiting and breeding Shih Tzu is a hobby for me, not a business.  You will not find us sitting at home with puppies of various ages, ready to go, waiting for someone to drop by and buy one, as if we were a pet store.  in my home, " EVERYBODY KNOWS THEIR NAME".
My puppies are usually all placed on hold long before they are ready to go into a new home.  Potential owners will usually need to wait a little bit to take home a puppy out of one of my planned breedings
Please visit" Merrick Pet Care " A family owned company.This food  is available at your pet dealer. We highly reccomend this food for our adults& puppies. They go crazy over it,A huge variety of dry food and canned. And its Organic.And NO animal testing !
Also all Merrick Foods are Puppy Friendly!

Chocolate contains obromine which is toxic to dogs, especially baking and dark chocolate.

Bleach ingestion symptoms include drooling, vomiting, and abdominal pain, DO NOT induce vomiting.

Tylenol , as little as 2 capsules can kill your dog. Dogs do not have proper liver enzymes to digest it.

Batteries cause ulceration in the stomach within 12 hours. All are toxic.

Moth Balls  are very dangerous and contain insecticide that causes central nervous system damage, excitement, seizures and can cause liver failure.

    Do not induce vomiting 

Fabric Softeners and Other detergents. Do not induce vomiting. 

Mouthwash  includes boric acid which is highly toxic to dogs, which can also be found in contact lens cleaner or denture cleaner. 

Peach Pits = Arsenic, Apricots deadly

Household Plants Be careful of poinsettias, lilies, ferns, devil ivy, aloe 
 INGUINAL HERNIAS are prevalent in shih-tzu. A weak area (hole) in the inguinal region allows a small amount of fat to pass into a small sac creating a visible "bulge". In male puppies the fat may pass into the scrotal sac. Small hernias containing only fat do not present a health hazard. Small hernias generally "close up" with maturity as the muscles surrounding the hole grow together

 UMBILICAL HERNIAS are also prevalent in short faced breeds.
A weak area (hole) in the abdominal wall at the umbilicus allows a small amount of fat to pass into a pocket under the skin. This creates a small bulge over the "belly button". Very small umbilical hernias close with maturity. Out vet usually injects them with iodine under the skin to create a scarring to help close them faster.  Large hernias are surgically closed at neutering/spaying by our vet. There will be swelling on the incisional area for a couple of weeks. This is normal.  Once operated on, they cause no further problem. It is like sewing a split seem in your jeans. If you don't and your chubby, the fat will hang out. Once sewed, your back "together'.  So relax!

ABOVE all rights obtained to print this on hernias  were given to me from Glory Ridge ShihTzu ...ShihTzu Breeder for 35 years!
 Warnings ~

Never hit your dog with your hand. Your hand is the instrument, through your hand and 
your voice all kindness and joy come towards the little one. Dogs live to please their 
Usually raising ones voice SLIGHTLY is enough to let the dog knows it did something 
that displeased the owner.
A "NO" with a raised finger teaches the puppy what you don't like.

*Please don't even start to train your puppy until it is with you for at least two weeks 
and has fallen madly in love with you and your family!  
Security for our puppies is our first priority, 
this is one reason that we pick and choose our clients carefully.
Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."
- Gene Hill  
Is Your Shih Tzu Refusing To Follow Your House Training Rules? 
Some Shih Tzu just absolutely refuse to become house trained. No matter how long and hard you have tried to implement techniques to get your dog to use the bathroom in the proper areas, he still chooses to be "vengeful" towards you by not following your instructions, right?

Wrong! The common misconception that your Shih Tzu is trying to be vindictive and countermine your housetraining efforts by refusing to follow the rules is a complete myth.

Your Shih Tzu only has the capacity for simple, direct emotions, such as being happy, sad, or scared. Their minds are not capable of plotting ways to seek revenge for that swat on his rear, or how you scolded him an hour ago.

They do, however, remember and draw upon past experiences that they associate with current situations.  It is important to understand that these associations only create an emotion in which they will feel when going through a similar experience. 

In other words, let's say that you punish your dog for urinating on the front porch. If you continue to scold him for this behavior then eventually your dog will become fearful of using the bathroom outside. All he knows is that he is "outside", not on the front porch. Your efforts will countermine your housetraining goals.

For this reason alone, it is important never to punish or yell at your Shih Tzu when he uses the bathroom inside the house. Most housetraining problems actually stem from owners who completely instill fear in their pets when they go potty on the floor. This creates enough traumas to completely halt all of your housetraining efforts.

The key is trying not to react. Instead, remove your Shih Tzu from the room and take him outside in a very calm and relaxed manner. Be sure that he does not see you cleaning up his mess. Quietly clean the area and be sure to use an enzyme-containing house cleaner. Vinegar or liquid soap will do just fine as well. By completely removing the odor, this helps reduce your Shih Tzu need to urinate and mark the same spot over and over.

 All Puppies need  series of shots to protect them. 
 1st Is a puppy shot @ 6-8 
 2nd Is a 5 in 1 @10-12 weeks that 
  protects them from the outside.
 3rd is another 5 in 1 @ 14-16 
 Rabies @ either 6 months or 1 
 At 1 year they get a 7 in 1 
 Do not let a vet give your puppy a 7 in 1 shot till a year 
  because it can kill your little puppy
We Focus on breeding top Quality Chocolates, Blacks and chocolate & whites.This gives us the advantage of producing some of the most beautiful puppies! We will not breed all colors, as we feel  by not  doing this  we can focus on our pedigrees, sizes, temperments, structure and of course GORGEOUS puppies. Focusing on these colors gives us the opputunity to give you our clients only the BEST!!!!!! So if your a chocolate lover,or Black, take a look at our pups, we have some of the most adorable puppies around! 
"A huge inventory is a bad sign when it comes to pets... and a home-raised puppy is worth the wait."
We love the standards shih tzus, We love the temperament of the breed.  They are wonderful family dogs who get along well with children and other pets.  What most Imperial breeders love more though, is the smaller size of the same dog.  In many cases, the Imperial size is indeed more expensive than the larger standard shih tzu. It is relative though to the number of pups that a Chinese Imperial can produce in one litter, and the time and work involved in raising them to an age where they can go to their new homes.
we have summer puppies due June ! reserve yours now.
631 512 8149
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